Year 2 Assembly

Dear Parents
Year 2 Assembly
The Year 2 team would like to invite parents to an assembly to share with you what the children have been learning this year.
The assembly will be held at 12:30 pm on Thursday, 14th February in the auditorium.

The assembly is just for parents, siblings within the school may not attend. Please ensure you make the necessary arrangements.
No child will be allowed to leave school earlier than the usual 13:45 pick up time. 

Important notice

Dear Parents,
It is the school policy that any permission slips must be signed by the father. Please ensure that the father has signed, if not please can you resign and send the slip to the class teacher as soon as possible.
Thank you for your cooperation


Dear parents,

Please be aware that the February Newsletter has been added to the blog. Click on the three lined tab on the left corner to view.


KS 1 Sports day

السادة أولياء الأمور الكرام
اليوم الرياضي لمرحلة الأول و الثاني الإبتدائي

في يوم الأربعاء الموافق 30 يناير 2019 ، سيعقد صفوف الأول والثاني الإبتدائييومهم الرياضي السنوي في ملاعب بيان الرياضية. ستكون هذه أول مرة يخرج فيها طلاب الصف الأولو الثاني لإقامة يومهم الرياضي خارج المدرسة.

ويسرنا دعوتكم لحضور هذا اليوم في نادي بيان لكرة القدم.

سيبدأ اليوم الرياضي في الساعة 9:30 ، وسينتهي في الساعة 13:00

سيتم نقل الطلاب في باصات المدرسة للذهاب للنادي و الرجوع الى المدرسة بعد انتهاء اليوم الرياضي.

لن يسمح لأي طالب بمغادرة ملاعب الرياضة مع والديهم.

سيحتاج كل طالب إلى زجاجة المياه الخاصةوالوجبات الصحيهالخفيفة في ذلك اليوم. بالإضافة إلى ذلك سيتم توفير مقصف للشراء في هذا اليوم.

يجب على الطلاب ارتداء لون الزي الخاص بهم,علما بأن جميع الألوان متوفره في مخزن المدرسة.

نتمنى حضوركم لدعمأطفالكم في يومهم الرياضي.

مع خالص الشكر،

Bad weather room allocations reminder

Dear Parents,

Please take note of the following table. In case of bad weather days (rainy, dusty, humid days) students in Yr 1 and 2 will not be collected from the flag court. They will be waiting for you in the allocated classrooms from 13:45-14:00.

After 14:00, all the remaining students in Yr 1 will be sent to room 423 and all the remaining students in Yr 2 will be sent to room 424. 

Mrs. van der Merwe

Bad weather - End of day pick up locations ClassesRoomRoom nr 1B and 1Y KG 422 1R and 1T KB 423 1G and 2B RB 424 2G and 2R RY 425 2T and 2Y RR 427

Term 2 ECAs

Term 2 ECA Registration.

Please see below the ECA registrations for Term 2 - the ECAs will start Sunday 13th January


Std NoNameFormECATeacherRoom4896MAZEH, Rahaf02BSunday - Colouring and craft clubMEWRoom 1194920HUSSEIN, Maryam02BSunday - Colouring and craft clubMEWRoom 1195164ELSAHN, Ali02BSunday - Colouring and craft clubMEWRoom 119Sunday - Painting ClubJERRoom 1214929SHAHIN, Ahmed02BWednesday - LegoABRRoom 1105554ABDELRAHMAN, Ahmed02BSunday - Colouring and craft clubMEWRoom 119

Welcome to Term 2!

Dear all,

Welcome back to school! We all hope and trust that you had a wonderful winter holiday and that you are ready for the new term.

Just a reminder to our parents who have siblings and want to register them in our school, you should do so as soon as possible. Registration for new parents will open this Thursday.

Our students are still in winter uniform so please make sure that the correct uniform is worn at all times. As it has been a long holiday so make sure that all students' hair is worn in accordance with our school rules and policies.

We are looking forward to this term with you!

Mrs. van der Merwe