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Dear Parents,
Please click on the three striped bars to the left of the Blog page. Here you can view all our stars for each week. The Monthly planners/updates will also be found here each month. 
Regards and happy Blogging!

Carer Card reminder

Dear parents, just a reminder that you need to bring your carer card with you at the end of each day in order to collect your child. If you do not bring your carer card with you, we will direct you to the administration offices, where they will send us a permission slip to take your child. This process is quite lengthy and takes valuable time out of your day. Thank you.

Bad weather room allocations

Dear Parents,

Please take note of the following table. In case of bad weather days (rainy, dusty, humid days) students in Yr 1 and 2 will not be collected from the flag court. They will be waiting for you in the allocated classrooms from 13:45-14:00.

After 14:00, all the remaining students in Yr 1 will be sent to room 423 and all the remaining students in Yr 2 will be sent to room 424. 

Mrs. van der Merwe

Bad weather - End of day pick up locations ClassesRoomRoom nr 1B and 1Y KG 422 1R and 1T KB 423 1G and 2B RB 424 2G and 2R RY 425 2T and 2Y RR 427

New Parent Information slides

Term 1 ECA

Dear Parent,

Please see below details of ECA registrations for Term 1.

Thank You


Std NoNameFormECATeacherRoom4896MAZEH, Rahaf02BMonday - LegoASIRoom 120Thursday - Ball Games (PE Kit required)JOCAuditorium

Std NoNameFormECATeacherRoom5639JOHNSON, Lendro02GSunday - Team GamesASADance StudioWednesday - Yoga / Mindfulness ClubNAGRoom 111Thursday - Ball Games (PE Kit required)JOC

Meet our Year 2 staff

Dear Parents
We would like to introduce our Year 2 team for the 2018/19 academic year! We have an amazing team of hardworking teachers and assistants who are really excited to spend this year with your children. We have 5 classes in Year 2 and each class is staffed with a Class Teacher, as well as a lovely Teaching Assistant.
Our class teachers for Year 2, from left to right are:
Mrs. Ahmed - KS 1 Year leader (2Y), Ms. Graham (2T), Mrs. Perkins (2R), Ms Brophy (2R) and Mrs. Sanders (2G)

Our Teaching Assistants for Year 2, from left to right are:
Ms. Nisrin (2R), Ms. Sandy (2T), Ms. Mariana (2Y), Ms. Sahar (2G) and Ms. Amal (2B)


TEA will be using an online platform called Mathletics this year for all Maths homework. We are very excited to extend use of Mathletics to KS1 and are confident that it will benefit our students.

Please visit the following website and enter the login details that you received in your student's Week 3 homework: 

 Students will have assigned activities that they must complete every week. This will be under the “Learn” tab when they first sign in. There are also fun and educational games and activities under the “Play” tab. Students can play for fun or compete against other students from TEA or around the world! For every correct answer, students earn points, which they can use to personalise their avatars and earn certificates.

Mathletics is tablet-friendly and can be done anywhere, anytime! You can either use it in your tablet’s browser, or download the Mathletics app (visit for the link) to work offline.


Welcome to Year 2!

Dear Parents and Year 2 students,

Welcome to our Year 2 group blog! We are very excited to share this Blog with you and hope that you will be following us throughout the year. Newsletters, star of the week and many other events will be posted here for all to see.

We hope you have a fantastic year with us and we are looking forward to a year filled with adventure and learning!

The Year 2 Team