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Mid Term Break

Dear all,

Thank you for a lovely first mid term! We are so happy with the work the students have produced over the past couple of weeks. May you all have a lovely mid term break and we are looking forward to seeing you all back on Sunday 11th November 2018!

British Day Winners!

Dear Parents and students,
We had a wonderful day on Thursday celebrating British Day. We also had a few competitions running on the day for Best door design, best postcard design and best dressed in each class. We would like to share our winners with you!

Well done to 2B for best door in Year 2!                Well done to 1B for best door in Year 1!

Well done to the best dressed students in Yr 2!

2Y - Jana Rizk, 2T - Mariam Al Baghli, 2R - Abdulrahman M. Elsayed, 2G - Diana Ayyad and 2B - Nour Mahran.
Well done to Lily Badawi for the best postcard design in Year 2!

British day

Dear parents,

Please be reminded of the British day in school tomorrow. Students are encouraged to come dressed in British theme, this can either be a famous landmark, a price/princess, English noble man/women or any other creative ideas you have that represents Britain. Please note that we do not want students to come dressed in football shirts, it is not what the day is about.

Looking forward to a fun day with the students!

Bake sale reminder!

Calling all sweet-tooths!
Year 6 is having a Bake Sale on Thursday 11th October to raise money for Cancer Awareness. Each cake costs 250 fils and there will be lots of variety. We hope you will come and support us in this great cause!
See you soon! Year 6 Teachers

Cancer Awareness Month

Dear all, 

For the month of October we are raising awareness about Cancer. On Thursday there will be a Mufti day to raise money for cancer. All students who wish to donate money, are encouraged to pay 500 fils which will be given to the Cancer Society of Kuwait. Students are also encouraged to wear pink on the Mufti day or a pink accessory.