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School Photograph schedule

School Photographs Schedule 2018 - 2019 FromToSunday 18th NovMonday 19th NovTuesday 20th NovWednesday 21st NovSunday 25th Nov 7.47.557B6B6G6R6T7.558.107GKB6YRGRY8.108.257RRBRRKRKG8.25

Mathletics Challenge

We are excited to announce that TEA is participating in an international Mathletics challenge. For one week only, teachers will make all Mathletics activities available for students, and they will be able to complete as many as they like. This challenge will help students mastercurriculum activities and practise their mental maths skills. Students will earn 10 points for each correct answer (1 point for each answer in Live Mathletics). The student in each class with the most points will receive a certificate during our KS1 assembly. The competition will run from 19/11-25/11. Please note that activities completed in “offline mode” may not be counted. Good luck and enjoy!

IMPORTANT: Saveco trip next week

Dear parents,

Please take note that we will be having trip days each day next week for both Year 1 and Year 2 students. Each day two classes will attend the trip and parent will be notified in advance of which classes will be going on which days. 

On Sunday 2B and 2G will be the first two classes to attend. The cost of the trip is KD5,250.
The cost of the trip includes a brief tour of Saveco, attending a food making workshop where they will be making their own lunches and a time for some soft play in their branch. Students are expected to be in PE kit for the trip day and should bring their water bottles as well as an extra lunch for when we are in school. 

If you have a child in 2B or 2G please make sure to send the money in to school on Sunday, 18th November, with a written note in their communication books to give your consent for them attending the trip. Students who do not wish to attend the trip will stay behind in school and join another class for the day.

Sunday 18th November  - 2B…

Winter uniform, 18th November

Dear parents, 

All students are expected to be in our TEA winter uniform as of Sunday, 18th November 2018. Please make sure that you read our Parent/Pupil guide thoroughly once more to be sure of the expectations of the winter uniform. This can be found on p. 10 and 11. 

The school uniform shop is fully stocked with winter uniforms and everything can be purchased from there. Please note that ONLY the school jumper will be allowed this year. If it is extremely cold your child can wear a plain navy blue/dark blue or a black coat. 

Please make sure that boys' hair is cut short and neat in accordance with our school policy, and girls' hair should be tied up, even in winter times. 

Kind regards, 
Mrs. van der Merwe